Talbot Simulation Associates, LLC

Reflecting your priorities through simulation

Fossil and nuclear power plant simulator analysis
. . . with an eye on your bottom line

Power generation simulators need to pay for themselves many times over. Talbot Simulation Associates works with fossil and nuclear utilities to control and maximize that goal.

Talbot can be brought in for every step of the simulator life cycle including:

  • formulation of a simulation RFQ

  • initial plant or unit build-out

  • retrofits to plant equipment

  • optimization of existing simulators

  • testing and analysis of new methods

  • changes required by new regulations

By looking at the whole life cycle of the simulator, Talbot can maximize the positive effect of the simulation spend on your bottom line. We do this with careful analysis of the of the impact of simulation on safety, training, modeling and engineering goals.

Talbot Simulation Associates provides extensive experience with a strong knowledge of simulation options and alternatives. This expertise is combined with heavy analytics to thoroughly examine the productive role of simulation in the life cycle of your fossil or nuclear plants — in a way that best serves your corporate bottom line.


See our Fossil and Nuclear Simulation Capabilities list for more details.


Bill Talbot is a member of:
The Society for Modeling Simulation International (SCS)
The International Society of Automation (ISA)

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